How to remove weeds naturally?

How to remove weeds naturally?

It’s almost spring, so the big question is what to do first?

Look at your perennials. Do you still have a lot of dead leaves from last year? If so, cut or peel off. Clean up all the growth from last year to keep the new growth looking clean and fresh.

Remove all weeds in your garden. Yes, yes, I know this isn’t fun, but if you get everyone out now, you can maintain a weed-free garden all season long. Well, almost weed free. Weed control is an all-summer task, but it shouldn’t be difficult or overwhelming.

Most people fail at weed control because they never get it under complete control. So this is what you do. Loosen the soil and remove any weeds that may be present. Next, lay out newspaper at least 8 pages thick and cover it with about 2″ of mulch. You can also use brown paper bags, they work great!

I don’t like those weed killers you buy at garden stores because…when I worked in landscaping, I got miles out of them. Why did we take it out? Because it was a terrible mess to keep weed online kaufen growing! They couldn’t pull the weeds away because they got entangled in the so-called weed barrier material.

That’s why I like newspaper or paper bags. They’re leaving! And this is very important in your gardens. Don’t put things in it that won’t go away. Newsprint and mulch are biodegradable.

What about all those magical weed control potions you can buy? do you work Yes they do. But most people don’t use them properly, so they get really bad results. Products like Preen and other pre-emergent weed killers are just that, pre-emergent. That means they only control weed seeds. Weed control is important, but if you don’t get all the weeds and roots under control first, your pre-emergence weed control is doomed from the start.

So you should completely remove all existing weeds from your gardens and then apply the pre-emergence weed control formulas. I still recommend the newspaper because the pre-emergence weed control won’t control weeds from roots left in the ground. The only way to control the growth of weed roots is to keep them out of the sunlight, which you do with newspaper and mulch. If they don’t get sunlight, they can’t grow.

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